About Us

EmployAble Student Society is utterly aware that, life of a student is not as easy. Students today face more challenges than ever before due to growing competition, technical advancements, know-how of practical skills in any field and much more. Another aspect of hardships that students face is, to not knowing what to do with their time while at university. Going to classes to attend lectures or spending time with friends is all well but will that really help them get the edge they need to successfully acquire the job they’ve always dreamt about?

Here at KBM EAS, we provide the path, the guidance, and how to get the most of your time at university. Through this platform, you as a student will learn the true meaning of marketing yourself for that dream job. KBM EAS connects you to employers, recruiters, and businesses that lack the kind of talent and innovation you have, and simply become EmployAble.

Upcoming Events

Accountancy Workshop at University of Hertfordshire

This event is being hosted by EmployAble Student Society London at University of Hertfordshire for all Accounting, Finance, Business, Economics etc students. KBM Chartered Certified Chartered Accountants & Registered Auditors have been invit

  • Challenges students face

    University students across the globe, upon completing need a push, a helping hand, and a guide to the next level in to the professional world.

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  • Benefits of joining

    We have specifically designed a range of benefits and services for our Members and Officer Bearers to rise to the top of the top.

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  • Set up your own EAS

    Do you have what it takes to be a Leader? Challenge yourself and start up your own EAS.

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  • Managing EAS

    Handling, gathering, and managing people could be easy for some, and tough for others. We are here to give you as much support you require.

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  • Build your own Network

    Are you good at networking? Are you a sociable person? Do you have like-minded friends? Yes or No? EAS can help.

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  • Student Fairs & Events

    EAS at universities, University fairs, Corporate events, Power Business Circles, Speed Networking, Career Outlook programs and much more.

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